Sunday, May 9, 2010

PTI Color Comparison

Hello! By request, I am back with some PTI color comparisons. You may recall that I mentioned the other day that I didn't feel some of my felt was a "perfect match" to my paper. I didn't do comparisons with Vintage Cream and True Black, as I thought there wasn't much to compare.
I do want to mention that I am not trying to criticize PTI, but just wanted to show an actual side by side comparison between the products in the different color lines. The photos are taken outside and have no retouching. Even though I don't think they are all a "perfect match", they will all get used; maybe just not all together.... I also want to mention PTI rocks! I am a fan of their products, and LOVE their cardstock!
The top photo features the Hawaiian Shores. The grosgrain ribbon is a good match to the paper, but the felt has much more of a blue tone. The buttons are a nice mix; included is a mix of both the tones.
The second photo features the Raspberry Fizz. I feel the ribbon is a "perfect match" to the paper and the buttons blend nicely as well. In my opinion, the color of the felt is not as rich.
The third photo features the Dark Chocolate. I use a lot of this color; I love it! I think the paper and the twill are indeed a perfect match. I had noted previously that the buttons had an orange cast to them, and I feel the felt does too. To me, it isn't as rich as the paper. It does blend nicely with the buttons though.
I hope these comparisons have been useful. I may do more in the future as more felt colors are released.
Thanks for stopping by!


Banu said...

Angela, thanks for doing this. I also felt the same about the brown felt and buttons. They go well together, but not as well with the dark chocolate CS.

Becca said...

I like seeing them like this. I feel the same about the dark chocolate buttons I have...more orangey. Still a great color, though. Seeing all your supplies laid out like this makes me want to go crafting!

Amy said...

Angela, thanks for posting this. Although the felt doesn't match the CS, it's still very pretty! The ribbon is a pretty good match except for the Hawaiian Shores.

Chrissy said...

Thanks for posting this! What a great job photographing the products! :-)

Larissa said...

Yup I can see it, not an exact match. The ribbon is a perfect match I see.

Susan said...

Wow, I hadn't realized that the felt color was so off. Especially with the Hawaiian shores. Thanks for posting this!

And thanks for the eye candy. I am just drooling over your supplies. lol!