Monday, September 5, 2011

Cancer Fundraiser Tree

Good morning and happy Labor Day! I want to welcome a couple of new followers...Jan and Terri! True confession time...I am tickled pink to have people interested enough to follow my humble blog, so thanks to you all for stopping by!

I wanted to share a picture of the tree I made for a local fundraiser that was held Saturday. The fundraiser is organized by a family who lost a loved one to pancreatic cancer and the proceeds are donated. The deceased was a sportsman, so it's a walk, run, wag combined with a basket raffle.

Although my tree isn't a basket, it is included in the raffle. I make the ornaments and have done many different themes; this year I decided to go with a dog theme. The bones are made out of felt and the dog is made out of a plush fleece. He is nice and floppy so you can "pose" him if you wish. I added lights, red glitter balls, silver jingle bells, ribbon, and some homespun plaid as a tree skirt. I sent a bag of extra ornaments including a silver beaded garland for the winner. That way, they can keep it simple or jazz it up a bit if that is their taste.

I had a little mishap while searching in the attic for supplies. DH "helped" in the attic by rearranging things and tidying up. I had planned to make a snowangel tree and knew where the pattern was...before DH's help. In my search for my supplies I hit my head on a thick, wooden beam. It's more than a week later and I still have a headache. Thankfully I had 4 days off before I had to go back to work, but when I went back, I found out I likely had a concussion. Good grief! How embarassing to be so clumsy! Anyway, since I couldn't find the snowangel pattern I switched gears and went with the dog theme.

I also made a basket of cards to donate. This year I had 56; next year I would like to have 100. When I mass produce cards, I save one in a special place and let them accumulate throughout the year.

Here's a picture of the decorated tree. The light cord was very short, so I didn't get a great shot. It's a bit hard to see the lights in the daylight too.

Thanks for stopping by today; I hope your Labor Day is a good one!



Linda Palmer said...

Beautiful tree! Thanks so much for sharing photos with us. Love the bones. Great job and I'm sure they were thrilled to get it. You are so generous.

Amy said...

How cute is that! I hope it makes a ton of money.

Chris said...

omg it's adorable!!! very cool about the 56 cards!! you rock!

Larissa said...

Very cute tree. Love the bones in the tree and the dog is so very adorable.

Wow and 56 cards to donate, that is a fabulous amount!

Jessica G. said...

My previous comment must not have posted, so excuse me if I repeat myself...this tree is awesome, Angela!! Such a fun theme and that puppy is just too cute! The skirt looks just like a puppy bed; you are so clever and creative!!