Saturday, June 5, 2010

We have a winner...or two!

Hello and happy Saturday! Hmmmm, I bet you may be thinking "I didn't even know there was a contest?" On June 2 I asked about buttons, threaded or unthreaded.... I have 2 readers who told me their preference...I just got a wild hair to reward them for sharing their opinions! I love to hear what people like; I also love comments!

Yay for prizes! I will be sending out card kits to Rebecca and Larissa!
1. Please let me know your addy.
2. If there is a special stamped image you would like in your kit, let me know that too.
I will try to get the kits out within this next week!

I am now off to clean my stamp area so I can hopefully create something fun! Have a goodie!



Larissa said...

Woohoo! Thanks so much Angela! What a fun surprise!

Becca said...

Yeah! That is awesome. I love comments, too. They always make my day.

My address:
PO Box 50863
Provo, UT

And I'll take any image at all. Your stuff always makes me smile!