Saturday, February 6, 2010

Woot, woot!!!

Guess what? I was just notified today that I was the lucky winner of the Bella Twisted Challenge. This is my card. The winner gets $15 in Bella Bucks! How cool is that? I see some Bella goodies in my future....

Rebecca, who left a comment on one of my posts, asked if Bella Dots are like Dew Drops. They actually look a bit more like a brad. The dots are round and flat on both sides, and come in solid, glitter, crackle and marble. There are 2 sizes (5 mm and 10 mm). They also come in mixes so you can sample more than 1 shade. I love them because they are easier to place and you have no prongs on the back. Have you ever lined up the holes for your brads perfectly and they appear off kilter? That sometimes happens to me.... With the dots I can eliminate that. I apply them with Mono Multi (green lid) or Crystal Effects. I am not saying I don't like brads, because I do.... I have to admit I tend to love all the goodies!

Bella also has baubles, which are like the Dew Drops.

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope those of you with a lot of snow are staying warm!



Amy said...

I'm not surprised you won--that was a terrific card! Congrats and spend away!

Imke said...

That´s very cool, congrats Angela !

Rebecca said...

I loved that card! I can totally see why you won. Thanks for the info on the Bella dots, I appreciate it!

Banu said...

Congrats. That card for which you won this was just superb.