Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back to school...and some goodies too!

Hello!  It's been a busy week; I've been making items for a cancer fundraiser, so I havn't gotten much else accomplished.  The kids started back to school, I can't believe we have a freshman and a 6th grader...high school and middle school...yikes!  Here are pictures of their first day.

I also have some goodies to share!  I've been meaning to have a give away for quite some time, but just havn't gotten it done.  Do you ever find that you buy or get multiples of supplies you really love?  I have to confess that it happens to me sometimes!  I am going to pass them on to one of you, along with some other items.  Since it's all about back to school at our house right now, I'm asking you to share your favorite back to school memory.  If you'd like to become a follower that would be great, but it is certainly not required.  If you'd like to post a picture of the goodies, and link back here that would be great as well.  2 weeks from today I will have one of the kids draw a name...all who leave a comment on this post will be entered into the drawing.

Here's a list of what's included:
Cuttlebug Roman Bath Embossing Folder and Border
Prima Madeline 6x6 Pad (Beautiful papers...I had 3 of these!)
Prima Crystal/Pearl Embellishment
Cheery Lynn Designs Small Lace Butterfly with Angel Wings Dies
PTI Botanical Silhouettes 4th Anniversary Set
PTI Think Big Favorites Sentiment Set
PTI Alpha-blocks Die
C.C. Designs Swiss Pixies Nurse Nora (Because I'm a nurse!)
Stamping Bella Microphone by Rheea
Stamping Bella Gwendolyn LuLu
Stampendous Changito Stamper (Because he's my favorite!)
The Cat's Pajamas Feelin' Cupidy
2 Pieces of MFT Felt

Remember, all you have to do is leave a comment and tell me your favorite back to school memory!

Thanks for stopping by; have a great day!



sentsue said...

Wow, they are so grown up. She looks just like her momma. I know this is silly but my favorite thing or what I remember for going back to school was shopping for new school supples. Man, do I love school supplies. Kind of like new art tools, right??

Tanya said...

Your kids look lovely, and happy to be going back to school!

My favourite back to school association was always going shopping and getting new outfits and new schoolbag, lunchbox, pencil-case and all the bits and pieces to put in them! They always smelled so fresh and new :) I'm the same with my niece now - I love buying her new bits and pieces for back to school :P

Thanks for the chance to win!

Tags xx

LittleCraftsbyLia said...

Hey there - uhhh, I remember so many thing from school back then... The one I love to remember the most is this one...

When I was little, my best friend moved to Caracas which broke my heart - I cried during my holidays because I didn't know if she's ever come back (and Venezuela is like 20h away via plane so not a 2h drive or so).

And two years later, when I was about to go back to school after the summer break - she was there again, no one had told me because they wanted to keep the secret - I still get teary eyes when thinking of that =)

Thanks so much for that Give-Away, those items are great!

Hugs, Elisa

Carol Willis said...

Oooh, what a gorgeous candy, thanks so much for a chance to win. My favourite memories of Emma going back to school are all about how excited she always was, even now she can't wait to get off to college, she just loves it.
Caz x

Jessi Fogan said...

My littlest goes to middle school this year too - I can't believe I'm about to be a mom to 2 teens! Yikes covers it pretty well, lol :)
Boy, trying to narrow it down to a single memory of starting school? I always looked forward to it. I think probably my favourite was my very last semester of university - I found out that I was pregnant with my oldest the week before classes began, and everything had such a rosy perfect air of "the last first day," "what perfect timing," etc. about it. I was totally unprepared for how hard it was to work & study and carry around a great big watermelon, though ;) Of course!
What a bunch of awesome goodies, btw! Good luck everyone, and thanks Angela for the chance to win!

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

Cute kids! Thanks for a chance to win some goodies. My favorite back to school memory was hooking up with friends I hadn't seen all summer. Since I lived "way out in the boonies" during summer I hardly ever saw most of my school friends.

Imke said...

Angela, how quickly they grow up, huh ? However- both looks great. Pretty teenager !

My back to school memories ?
Well, I always found it great to get new schoolbooks and look after the long holiday to my friends again.

Thanks for offering such a great candy !!

Debbie said...

Personally, the best "back to school" was going off to college!! I was so excited and not even homesick (I went 2,000 miles away!!) until my b'day card arrived from my parents the end of Oct!! But it is always a bit exciting as we start home schooling each year... this year my kids are 6th, 7th, 9th, and 11th grades.
Thanks for a chance at a wonderful pile of goodies!!

Tracie said...

Angela - Love the pictures of the kids. They are definitely young adults. So cute. My favorite memory of back to school is when my mom made my 3 sisters and myself all matching dresses out of 1 bolt of blue checked fabric. I still laugh at the picture when I see it. Thanks for the chance to win.

Jessica G. said...

Wow, the kiddos are looking so grown up, Angela! Can you believe how fast they tend to do that??

Awesome candy!

Jessica G. said...

Oh, and forgot my favorite bts memory -- shopping with mom for school supplies! Not only did I get to stock up on all those wonderful fresh notebooks and smooth pencils, but also spent time with my mom!!

Grandma Bonnie said...

Angela..what a lovely daughter and handsome son..time goes fast and before you know it you will have me. :) One of my favorite memories was when i became an outdoor safety..i got out of school early to help kids cross the street...i don't think they allow that anymore.

Amy said...

Wow, Angela, you have some good-looking kids! I'm sure they get it from their mom!

Vickie Y said...

Great blog candy Angela! A back to school memory was shopping for school supplies each year and new clothes from the Montgomery Ward catalog!

Joanna M. said...

Your kids have the same great smile.

Hmm, my favorite "back to school" memory is the actual walk TO SCHOOL. There were four of us who would walk together. I remember how much we would TALK during our 20 minute walk. I miss those girls.

Sonia said...

Hi Angela,I'm here again and I become your follower ^_^
I added your image and link on my sidebar so my lovely followers can visit and partecipate^_^
It was find my dear study's fellows and a couple of sweet teachers at the primary school:)
My favorite back to school memories is when after a beautiful lovely summer, my boyfriend met the sea moved in my city and in my school...sweet was a big surprise for me and my heart^_^
Big hug,

Linda Palmer said...

Angela, Ivy and Davis are looking so grown up. Beautiful kids. My favorite memory was shopping with my Mom for new School Clothes and school supplies.
We always had a day of shopping together and lunch out which was a big treat in my childhood.

CraftyNatalie said...

I hated school!:} but the best thing was shopping for brand new pencils and a new pencil case as it was a tradition you went back with a brand new case for everyone to look at, also cathcing up with friends and telling them about your holiday!

Marie said...

Beautiful and handsome children, Angela....enjoy every minute with them, they grow up so fast! My favorite memory of school was always the last day before summer :-)

Larissa said...

Very lovely pictures Angela!

My favorite back to school memory, was seeing my friends again and shopping for new schoolstuff.

Kathy said...

Angela! Wow, your kids are so grown up! What a beauty Ivy is and Davis is so handsome. They look so happy, too. Hope the back to school week went smoothly. Tomorrow is the big day for us.

My favorite back to school memory is probably getting new crayons, love the smell and the sharp tips in a new pack.

Melissa Craig said...

Yep, my little girl started high school this year, too. Ivy is so beautiful, you're going to have to lock her a closet soon to keep those boys away.

Your goodies look like a lot fun! And you're so generous.

Marsha said...

Goodness. What a lot of candy. One of my best back to school memories is going into 6th grade and having the same teacher as I had in 5th grade. I loved her so having her again was just wonderful and reduced the nervousness of a first day (not to mention the rest of the year.)

Rachael said...

What fantastic candy! And grown up children!!

One of my earliest memories is of my first day at school - I remember standing in the school yard waiting to go in in my new red coat crying my eyes out! Mam started her new job in the nursery attached to the school on the same day so she couldn't take me but instead stood at the window and waved. I think that made me cry even more! But it can't have put me off that much as now Im a primary teacher!!
Thanks for the chance to win hun Xx

Wendy L said...

Grgeous candy, as are you children, dont they grow up s quick, mine are 33 and 31 this year.
I wil always remember my 1st primary school teacher - Miss Baxter - she was tall, slim with black hair and so kind. On the day we broke up for Easter holidays she would always put an Easter egg on our desks and tell us the Easter Bunny had been and we believed her!!! So